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Thanks for the interview and affirmation of the Taiwanese newspaper



Thanks for the interview and affirmation of the Taiwanese newspaper"Economic Daily News"


CHUN YUNG DA is committed to research and development of good products, hoping to solve the problems of "pipeline falling off" and "insufficient torque of hose clamps".CHUN YUNG DA's products are welcomed by domestic and foreign customers. If you have a high-pressure pipe clamp requirement, welcome contact us.


Excerpted report:

CHUN YUNG DA Co., Ltd., located in Wufeng District, Taichung City, is a professional manufacturer of hose clamps. 

The products are of high quality and reasonable price. At present, CHUNYUNGDA's products can be seen in ships, automobiles, engineering pipelines, construction pipelines, and mechanical equipment in Europe and American.

According to the operator, Mr. Chang, over the years, many customers have responded that the general pipe clamps on the market cannot lock the pipe tightly, and are easy to fall off, and have to shut down the work for maintenance.

After long-term discussions with customers and continuous R&D and improvement, TT high-pressure hose clamps have been developed.

TT high-pressure hose clamps are made of 304 stainless steel material and special locking point design, so that small pipe diameters can withstand high torque.

Launching specification of 17-19mm, 20-22mm, 26-28 mm, 29-31mm, 32-35mm, 40-43mm, and special specifications double-locking point, providing customers different sizes of hose clamps to lock the pipe tightly.

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